Celebration Worship

27th November 2020
Child of the Week 27.11.20
Tiddlers Harlan E
Minnows Teddy C
Sticklebacks Perran E and Ruben R-B
Seahorses Rupert R and Daniel D
Stingrays Rylynn P and Theo E
Sharks Harry T and Daisy K
Family Groups Winner : Pegasus
Weekly Attendance : Minnows

Child of the Week


Tiddlers                      Seth M

Minnows                     Connor D      

Sticklebacks                William A and George M

Seahorses                   Chloe’Ath (last week), Thomas T and Jack W

Stingrays                    Morgan R and Mya G

Sharks                        Aidan E and Lorelei S


Family Groups Winner :   Phoenix                  Weekly Attendance :   Stingrays

Child of the Week 13.11.20
Tiddlers: Ava E
Minnows: Grace M
Sticklebacks: Oscar L and Rhys V
Seahorses: Phoenix S and Elexa S
Stingrays: Aaliyah H and Leo T
Sharks: James B and Xavi N
Family Groups Winner: Phoenix
Weekly Attendance: Seahorses

Child of the Week 23.10.20


Tiddlers                      Max Mooney

Minnows                     Benjamin Cook       

Sticklebacks                Eva O’G and Louise F         

Seahorses                   Florence E and William C

Stingrays                    Megan P and Jamie Mc

Sharks                        Rowan L and Ella S 


Family Groups Winner :  Unicorn                     Weekly Attendance :   Seahorses

Child of the Week 6.11.20



Tiddlers                      Thomas A     

Minnows                     Reid C

Sticklebacks                Elliott S and Esme B

Seahorses                   Harrison T and Darcy M

Stingrays                    James H and Maddison R  

Sharks                         Florian R and Jake S           


Family Groups Winner :   Phoenix                            Weekly Attendance :   Seahorses

Child of the Week 20.11.20


Tiddlers                     Luna K            

Minnows                    Aria R-B

Sticklebacks               Vanessa S and Leo S 

Seahorses                  Shay D and William K

Stingrays                   Mya G and Matilda D

Sharks                       Jimmy S and Emily B


Family Groups Winner :   Griffin                    Weekly Attendance :   Seahorses