Celebration Worship

26th March 2021

Child of the week 26.3.21

Well done to the following children for extra effort this week :


Tiddlers                              Pippa C

Minnows                             Poppy S

Sticklebacks                      Olivia K-M and Madeleine F-R

Seahorses                         Caleb B and Harrison T

Stingrays                            Emily J and Josh S

Sharks                                Charlie N and Xavi N


Family Group Points - Griffin

Child of the Week 19.3.21


Well done to the following children for extra effort this week :


Tiddlers                             Thomas A

Minnows                            Connor D

Sticklebacks                      Poppy D and Rose K

Seahorses                         Chloe De’A and Thomas T

Stingrays                           Jamie Mc and Adam Z

Sharks                               Emilia G and Harry T


Family Group Winner - Unicorn

Child of the Week 12.3.21


Well done to all our children for settling in so well this week.

Highlighted from each class are :


Tiddlers                              Max M

Minnows                            Teddy C

Sticklebacks                      Leo S and Lily-Rose S

Seahorses                         Caspian H-E and Phoenix S

Stingrays                           Matilda D and Mya G

Sharks                               Dawson C-S and Ella S