Church School

Being a church school

Churches were the first to provide mass education in England and Wales, and The National Society was founded in 1811 to provide schools for poor children. The National Society still inspect Church Schools today.

The Church of England's purpose in its schools is providing a distinctive and effective education that reflects God's love for humanity. Church of England schools do not try to convert, but rather they give children from many walks of life the opportunity to learn within a Christian environment. In considering new provision the Church of England has an especial care for areas of social and economic disadvantage and for those who have least in life.

Within the context of the Christian faith, we aspire to nurture the spiritual dimension in our children. We embed Christian values at the heart of school life. This is reflected in the behaviour, attitude and performance of learners and staff alike. Teachers "go the extra mile" on behalf of others.  Spiritual Development is very much a part of everything we do at our school...

Christian Values underpin our ethos and vision for our school.

Our vision is ‘Growing and Learning together with God’.  We grow and learn in all that we do supported by our Christian values.  if we have faith/belief in ourselves and our community, then God will guide us to grow and learn together.  This growth will mean that we lead the 'best life' we can and develop the Christian understanding of being part of the Kingdom of God now and forever.