Collective Worship

10th February 2020
Today we explored Candlemas and why it is important to Christians. Children helped to give information about Simeon and Anna and how the promise form God was fulfilled. We lit candles to make the sign of the cross.
Mr Hart led a prayer and response.
Worship today was planned and led by our Seahorses class who bought the story of Jonah and the Whale to life through drama.
They led prayers.
Today we explored dilemmas and what would people do if faced with certain scenarios. The worship team helped to run through some scenarios and we talked about being truthful. 'Tell the truth to each other' Zechariah 8.16
Prayers were led by Mr Hart
Today we explored truth through the story of Jacob and Esau. The children acted the story out and we discussed about how the characters behaved. 
Prayers were led by Seahorses
This week we explored truth through a poem and why truth is so important. The children had to work out what was in the darkness - a torch was on hand to help shed light. 'I am the light of the world' John 8.12
Seahorses led prayers
This week in worship we talked about advent and preparation for this special time of year. We listened to readings from Luke about the angel greeting Mary. 
Prayers were led by Stingrays.
This week in worship we unpicked the story of Gideon and his army of 300. We thought about how God challenged him to use less men and the success they had.
Prayers were led by Mr Hart.
Worship this week marked 'Remembrance Day'. The children watched a short video and reflected during the 2 minutes silence.
Prayers were led by Mr Hart.
Worship was led by Mr Hart today about the Blythswood Care shoe box appeal - shoeboxappeal. Please click on the link for more information. The school are asking for filled shoe boxes ready for collection on 24th October. 
Prayers were led by the Worship team.
Worship was led by Mr Hart who told the story of 'The Roman Centurion', Luke 7. 1-10. The children bought it alive through drama.
Prayers were led by Sharks.
Worship was led by Mr Hart and the worship team. Today we talked about the 'Golden Rule' which can be found in Matthew 7.12 and is adopted by the United Nations.  
Prayers were led by Mr Hart