Dear Parents and Carers,


As we can't run our fireworks display this year we wanted to offer a small alternative for the children to enjoy.  Our fireworks treat packs are an ideal accompaniment to a home fireworks party.  Lets get wrapped up warm, enjoy a hot chocolate and wave some glow sticks around!

Attached is a poster about what the pack contains and an order form.  


If you would like to order some packs, please either contact a FoFS member to place your order (no need for a form) or complete the forms and return to Packs will be handed out at school pick up / drop off the week of fireworks night.


In addition to the packs we also have a Name the Guy competition.  A guy will arrive outside school the week before fireworks night and we need a name for him! Attached is a list of "baddie" names.  If you'd like to play, let us know how many numbers you would like, transfer the money to the FoFS account and then a name will be selected at random with a number generator.  The winner will receive a scarf/glove set.


All profits will go to the school.


Many thanks

The FoFS Committee

Growing and learning together with God 

FOFS is our thriving parents, friends and teachers association.  It stands for Friends of Fritwell School.  FOFS organsise many successful events throughout the year bringing together the school community with the wider community.  Through through their hard work the school and children have benefited from the money raised.  Look out for the annual Easter Egg Hunt, Fritwell Fireworks and not to mention the discos, secret present room and other social events that happen throughout the year.  If you want to get involved but don't know who to speak to, then please ask at the school office and they will be pleased to point you in the right direction. All parents are automatically members of FOFS and all new volunteers are most welcome.