Minnows and Tiddlers

Welcome to our Tiddlers and Minnows class page. On here, you will find some information about the topics we are covering at school. This page will be updated every few weeks.


We have really enjoyed our Topic of Knights and Castles this term. We have found out so much information about the different features of a castle and the important jobs that Knights had to do. We also found out about different Royal Events and discussed how they are different to parties and events we might go to. We ended our Topic by having our very own Royal Ball in the classroom. The children were able to attend school in their Royal outfits and we spent the day acting like royalty. I hope we enjoy next terms topic of Under the Sea just as much!


This term the Minnows have focused on sentence structure and letter formation. We have discussed the important features of a sentence and we are trying hard to make sure our sentences include finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. The Minnows complete a piece of written work every week, this term they have created 'Knight needed' posters, written instructions for the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella and much more! We also complete our Super Sentences every morning and have daily Phonics lessons. 

The Tiddlers have been focusing on story structure and name writing. We discuss the key parts, main characters and settings of our key text stories and try to recall the events that happened in the correct order. Every morning whilst the Minnows do their super sentences, the Tiddlers complete a name writing activity. Once we have perfected our name writing we then join the Minnows for super sentences.


Minnows have been developing their understanding of numbers over 10. We have mostly focused on recognising and making teen numbers. We know that teen numbers are made up of one whole ten and part of the next ten. We have just begun our learning on one more and one less of numbers over 10.

Tiddlers have been working on their numbers to 10. We have been working to improve our counting skills and learning to count using 1:1 correspondence. We know that when we count we should point at the object we are counting and say one number name and then point at another object before saying the next number.


So far in PE we have been learning how to negotiate space when playing games. We know that we should always face forwards when we are running around a space and should always try to stop in a space with no one around. We have played many games to help us develop this skill, our favourites are the traffic light game and Find a Space. Soon we will be able to use this skill when we play other games and sports activities, such as, football or athletics.


Classroom Provision:

Throughout the day the children learn through a mixture of adult initiated activities and child led exploration.

The areas available to the children each day are:

  • Reading corner
  • Construction and Small world
  • Maths Table
  • Writing/ Mark making table
  • Art/ creative area
  • Role play area
  • Fine motor skills
  • Mud Kitchen
  • Sand Pit
  • Climbing frame
  • Understanding the world/ Investigation table