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Sock fest!
Please find below the new challenge.

Sock Fest!

Sock Fest has launched today as part of Oxfordshire School Games at Home.

Below are the resource cards for the first two challenges, along with a record card for the sock based activities.


This week, we are asking students to watch an interview with Tim Peake on return from the ISS and pick out the School Games Values that he demonstrates (you could also expand this to include the Olympic Values or your own School Values), and then to identify another role model or inspirational person that exhibits one or more of the School Games Values – they could either find a link to an interview with that person, a clip or photograph of them in action or create a ‘Top Trump’ card about them using the School Games Values as the headings. It doesn’t have to be a famous person – it could be a family member, teacher, coach etc.


The direct video links can be found at, along with the challenge descriptions.

Active maths

Just in case you are running short of ideas we are attaching a link to resource that we use in school to teach maths in an active and fun way.

Simply click on the link below and it will take you to the home page, where there is a short video to watch, which will explain how the resource works.

Hope you find this a useful resource - the children really enjoy doing the activities in school!

Premier Sports 

We’ve been busy recording Activity Professional lead home learning videos as part of our commitment to get children active at home.


Today we are launching our brand new YouTube channel where we’ll be releasing a new video each day at 3.30 pm. The idea is that this can act as an after school home learning activity and replace the exercise children would normally get during our extra-curricular clubs if they were at school. Sessions will focus on activities including dance, football, fitness, gymnastics, basketball, tennis and yoga and more.


Each Monday we’ll be releasing a timetable of what is coming up (please see this weeks attached)


Please be kind enough to share this link with parents


So far we have filmed five weeks worth of content, and sessions include “Personal Best’ challenges so they can be completed again and again as children keep trying to improve.


If the parents want to share videos/images of their children in action on our Instagram and Facebook pages we’ll also be able to see how they are getting on!


Hope they enjoy it!


Kind Regards,
James Green
Schools Manager