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Bible stories
Please click on the link below for a bible story from Revd. Helen Barnes.
Harvest Story
This week Revd. Helen Barnes presents a Harvest message based on the story of The Stone Soup.

Christingle – 2nd February 2021 – Children to Participate


Christingle is very often associated with Christmas, but it can be celebrated any time of the year.  Candlemas is a Christian festival on held on 2nd February.   Traditionally, it was a time when people would bring candles from their homes to the church and have them blessed.  They would then know that the light of Christ was in their homes all year as they lit the candles and experienced the hope that light brings.  So, this year I can’t think of a better reason for a celebration than to have a Christingle celebration at Candlemas.  This will be set as an assignment on Tuesday afternoon for the whole school.


The service has been pre-recorded and here is the link: 

Fritwell CE School Christingle Service 

You will need to gather some items in order to participate : an orange (any size),

some thin, red ribbon (if you don’t have this you could always just draw on the

orange with a red felt-tip pen at the appropriate time), a candle (it could be a

birthday candle, but any size which will fit well into the top of the orange),

some matches (or lighter), 4 cocktail sticks and some little, soft sweets or raisins 

to put through the ends of the sticks.  


We need times of celebration at the moment so I hope you all join in.


God bless,

Revd Helen Barnes

Resources from the Diocese 
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