Week Beginning 18th May 2020
Hello Seahorses,
I hope you are all well and enjoying the return of the sunshine.  It makes such a difference to be able to get out and about in our gardens or around our villages.
This week has been quite busy at my house.  Not only have we had three birthdays but we have also had a delivery of some new footballs for Noah and Evelyn!  We were able to blow them up and have played several games of penalties and 2-a-side footie. Even Mrs Blake managed to be a goalie and saved one or two.  Poor Doyle couldn't pick up the new balls as they would not fit in his mouth!
Now thank you to all those that sent me their challenges.  What a lovely job you all did and all totally different! I will let you know the challenge for this week later on in my message.
Year 3 are focusing on fractions this week. Now some of this might well be revision although I think it is really essential to get it spot on.  If you find it easy you could create your own fraction wall as a little extra challenge alongside this.
Year 2 are learning to write the multiplication sign properly and use some of the times tables in calculations.  Remember that you can log onto your TTRockstars to help you with quick fire multiplication.
Year 3 you are going to be researching video game characters as well as doing some grammar work.  What a fantastic couple of topics you have had!
Year 2 will be doing lots of reading next week and also revising expanded noun phrases.  There is a little punctuation work for you to work on as well.
Continue to access a variety of other subjects via BBC Bitesize as there is always plenty to do.
Mrs Blake's Challenge
This week I would like you to help make something in the kitchen.  This could be anything but make sure your grown-up is there to help you out! I will share some of my creations this week and maybe a few recipes. Have fun and be safe with any equipment.
Please continue to access all our various online learning such as TT Rockstars, Spelling/ Maths Shed and any phonics games that you can play.  These remain to be important to keep your brains busy.
You can email me at
So, have a lovely week Seahorses and I'll look forward to hearing from you 
Mrs Blake xx
P.S The photos of the Isle of Skye I cannot upload at the moment but I promise to share as soon as I can get it to work.  You can always google it
Week commencing 11th May 2020
Hi Seahorses!
I hope you had a lovely weekend and it has been really lovely catching up with some of you on the home learning emails you have sent.  You have all been very busy and I was impressed by how many of you embraced the VE Day challenge last week.
I have been freshening up Doyle this week. I realised he needed his ears trimmed and a good wash as his hair was starting to fall out everywhere!  So after I gave him a nice soapy shower and dried him, I then trimmed his ears. Unfortunately, after his walk he came back with some twigs in his ears, which I had to get out, and a very sore eye! I think he might have poked it. Anyway, it is much better now but I really have to keep checking it to make sure that it isn't something too nasty.
This week in Maths the work for Year 2 children include adding and subtracting numbers. Now I have also set on the assignments for Maths Shed number bonds to 100 which will be an added extra.  Listen to the video on the WRM carefully and do as much of the worksheet that you can. 
Year 3 children will be multiplying and dividing by 4 and 8. To help you use a multiplication square that you can find on Google search.  
It is important for me to say that if any of these are too tricky just do what you can! 
This week in English the work for Year 2 children will be all about instruction writing and different types of sentences. You will be so good at this as we worked hard at both of these in the first term.
Year 3 children are looking at Harry Potter and adverbs. How very exciting for you!
The work for both the English and Maths are in the folder below this message
Mrs Blake's Challenge
My challenge for you this week is to design an island. You can choose the name of your island, where it is and what is on your island.  Some of you might like to present a drawing with labels about your island whilst others will want to create a model of it from either junk modelling or Lego.  Be as imaginative as you like.  Now to help you with this you might want to ask your grown-up to look on Pinterest "Best Imaginary Island" or read/ watch a film about island life. I will share with you next week the photos of the Isle of Skye which is where my Dad lives. It is a long way to travel but is really beautiful and has waterfalls, castles and a long bridge you have to drive over to get there.
BBC Bitesize
I would also like you to follow the activities for your year group on the BBC Bitesize link
Key Tasks
Keep going with the assignments on Spelling and Maths Shed.  You also should still be logging into Times Tables Rockstars to get your speed up for times tables test when we get back to school. Continue to do at least 15 minutes reading and discussing your text with someone, some fitness activities in your free time and not forgetting some written spelling and phonics work.
You can email me at to get feedback on what you have been doing and I will reply as soon as I can.
Keep strong Seahorses
Lots of Love Mrs Blake xx 

Hi Seahorses!


Well what a busy week this is going to be. On your daily walk or ride,  see if you can spot houses that are being decorated ready for a special event this week. Do you know what it is? Yes! VE Day or Victory in Europe. I was planning on doing lots of activities and teaching you about this but sadly you will have to do it yourselves.  I have found some wonderful things on the British Legion and Bletchley Park websites, as well as good old Twinkl, that will help you out with what it is the country is celebrating. If you also google Winston Churchill you will find out about our greatest wartime leader. Even try and listen to his speeches as well as the King of that time, King GeorgeVI.  Our Queen now was only very young in the war but she still managed to help out. If you find out some things about the Queen, King George or Winston Churchill will you email me it at our home learning email?  I promise I read and write back to each of you. Sometimes I even get to share with Evelyn what you are all up to!!

So this week, I am making some of the recipes that I have found online. We are going to have a picnic on our front lawn and I will make some scones for us to eat. We will be dressing up and our bunting will be out.  If you live near me I will have a little walk past your houses to see you with Doyle the dog. I had a lovely wave from Eviana the other week!

I am still missing you all and cannot wait to hear from you.  Keep safe and stay happy as this situation is difficult but I know Seahorses that we will be fine.  Enjoy your VE Day work and I will write again soon.


Much love and high 5s to you all Mrs Blake xx

School Closure
In the event of a school closure, here are a range of activities for you to choose from to work through at home with your child. 
How to access resources

In order to access the Twinkl resources please follow this guidance - Go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS. 

For a collection of interactive Go! resources, organised by age and subject, visit:

 White Rose Maths also have a link to some home learning Maths lessons.  The children will be used to the format and WRM have promised to update weekly.

The helpful people at twinkl have created learning hubs which will be updated daily - check out the link for more information
Times tables
To help supplement learning times tables, here are a range of multiplication and division activities that can be completed on top of TTRockstars
If you are unsure on what times table to be focusing on, the 'garage' section on TTRockstars will show which level children are on and what times table to be doing.