Week beginning 13th July 2020
Wow Seahorses!
We have reached the last week of term and although it has been some what different you have survived well!
This year with you has been amazing and I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you. You are all incredible and I will miss those of you that will remain as Seahorses next year.  Just keep thinking of the fun we would be having this week whilst you are doing the odd bits of learning at home. 
Year 2 are finishing off with some more time work.  This is such an important skill so please keep working on it over the Summer.
Year 3 are completing capacity and creating pictograms and charts.  You have worked so hard on charts this year so this will be relatively easy for you.
Year 2 are reading stories by Oliver Jeffers and exploring sentence types.  You will get to compare the stories at the end of the week and say which you prefer and why.
Year 3 are reading a myth and a poem. You will be working on sequencing a story and describing some of the features of both.
Mrs Blake's Challenge
This week I would like you to make some decorations as if we are having an end of term party.  You could make some paper chains or pictures of your favourite things about being in the Seahorse class.
Other subjects
Continue to use BBC Bitesize for other subjects as there are some really interesting things to do.  Also continue with the apps for Spelling/Maths shed as well as Times Tables Rockstars.
Have a lovely week and I will speak to you on Wednesday.  Do not forget to think of your favourite memory to share.
Mrs Blake
School Closure
In the event of a school closure, here are a range of activities for you to choose from to work through at home with your child. 
How to access resources

In order to access the Twinkl resources please follow this guidance - Go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS. 

For a collection of interactive Go! resources, organised by age and subject, visit:

 White Rose Maths also have a link to some home learning Maths lessons.  The children will be used to the format and WRM have promised to update weekly.

The helpful people at twinkl have created learning hubs which will be updated daily - check out the link for more information
Times tables
To help supplement learning times tables, here are a range of multiplication and division activities that can be completed on top of TTRockstars
If you are unsure on what times table to be focusing on, the 'garage' section on TTRockstars will show which level children are on and what times table to be doing.