Welcome to the Seahorse's class page!

Welcome to our Seahorse’s class page.  On here, you will find information that we our covering in school at the moment.

Please find the attached homework projects and summer newsletter for the term. 
10th January
This week has been a very exciting week as the Fritwell Teddy bear has just returned from his trip to New York. This has got us very excited for our new topic 'The Amazing Americas' and we were able to help the teddy proof read his story about going through the airport. 
This week we have been doing lots of science experiments as we have been investigating the effect of friction on a moving car as well as trying to answer the question 'How do magnets work?'
17th January
This week we began our new book 'President Taft is stuck in the bath' by Mac Barnett. We have really enjoyed asking questions about the text and creating predictions about what we think might happen and why. 
In maths we have been focusing on multiplication. The Year 3's have worked really hard on their 3 and 4 times table and they have been getting really quick on their recall speeds. The year 2's have been exploring what 'equal groups' mean and have been creating their own equal groups and fixing unequal groups. 
In PE we have started to create our own dance motifs based around the concept of exploring an island. We have also introduced moving in-sync and in-cannon to engage the audience and ensure that they are entertained. We were also being meerkats in PE as we were learning to dribble but keep our heads up with our eyes scanning for space.
We have also had a lot of fun in science this week trying to prove if something is dead, alive or has never been alive. We had to use our knowledge of the 7 life processes and use the acronym Mrs Gren to give reasons for how we know that something is alive or not. 
24th January
This week we have been learning about how habitats are the natural home of an organism. We began to explore food chains as we track the energy flow between organisms and we acted out being parts of a food chain. We have been learning how to use a mix of compound sentence complex sentences to write non-chronological reports about President Taft. In maths, we have been learning about multiplications and making equal groups, with the year 3s becoming 8 times table champions. In PE we were playing games to develop our agility and our football passing skills as well as creating our own dances to represent animals. 
31st January
This week has been a very busy week in seahorses. We had the challenge of making prayer mosaics about wisdom to go on display in the school's reception. We have also been exploring micro habitats in science and loved making our own bug hotels to take home and place around school. In English, we finally finished the book 'President Taft is Stuck in the Bath' which we really enjoyed and we tried to act out part of the book which was a lot of fun. In PE this week we were developing our dance routines based on animals and we continued to develop our football dribbling skills which required a lot of resilience. The year 2's have been working hard on their doubling skills are using this to help with their 2 times tables while the year 3's have began multiplying 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number using short multiplication and have all achieved amazing personal success! 
7th February 2022
This week we have been making art work of animals that live in South America linked to our topic. We really enjoyed the challenge or decorating our birds and it put our resistance to the test. The year 2's have been developing their skills on the 2, 5 and 10 times table while the year 3s have been multiplying 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number with exchanges! In PE we have been continuing to develop our dances, this week exploring contrasting motifs of an animal and hunter as well as improving our skills in passing. 
14th February
This week we have been writing our own adventure stories about President Taft and a side kick saving the day against aliens, an evil scientist or the Vice President, we have had a great time at playing around at using comping and complex sentences to build suspense and draw the reader in and then use a short sentence to excite the reader with the action. Year 2s in maths have been using counters to share and group numbers to help them with division, while the year 3s have been utilising flexible partitioning to help them divide 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. We have also been continue to develop our ball skills, focusing on staying in control of the ball while keeping our eyes up. 
28th February
This week we have discussed the situation in Ukraine and wrote prayers for Ukraine using our love and agape. We were also able to finish our adventure stories from before half term. The year 3s have been dividing 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number with remainders while the year 2s have been looking at dividing by 2 5 and 10. Excitingly, it was also our first forest school session this week, we had so much fun exploring what nature is in the woods area, we had to use our resilience as we were completing a scavenger hunt to find different types of nature and it was tricky to find some of the items but we still had a wonderful time!
7th March

This week we have been reading the story of Jack and the baked bean stalk; We have been developing out inference skills when reading a text and have acted out a small part of the text. The year 3s have began to look at money in maths while the year 2s have looked at tally charts and pictograms. In PE we have been developing our throwing skills and have had to been resilient to improve our accuracy. In science we have been trying to answer the question 'what is inside a seed?'

14th March
The year 2s have developing their skills on statistics, learning how to analyse and interpret pictograms while the year 3s have been adding and subtracting money to make change. In English we have been investigating fairytale language and we wrote our own version of the introduction to Jack and the Beanstalk. As part of science week, we have also explored optical illustrations and tried to answer the question 'does wild life prefer to live near a tree or far away?' 
21st March
This week we made posters about America in topic showing off everything we have learnt so far! We have also began writing our own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. In maths we have worked more on our times tables as well as developing our problem solving and reasoning skills linked to monkey and statistics. PE this week we have been developing our underarm throwing skills and, in addition, we have been den building in forest school.