Welcome to the Seahorse's class page!

Welcome to our Seahorse’s class page.  On here, you will find information what we our covering in school at the moment.

Please find the attached homework projects and summer newsletter for the term. 


We have been reading the book ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry.

We have pretended to be characters from the book to write letters to other rainforest animals to ask them to help beg the man from the book not to chop down the tree. This has helped us practice our informal language, different sentence types and how to perfectly punctuate speech. 

We have also explored how to write cinquain poem based on the book. We have been able to write poems the rainforest, the climate, the plants and the wild life in the rainforest. 


In maths, we have also been exploring fractions. We have looked at how to find fractions of shapes and quantities. We have also been investigating equivalent fractions, which has included making connections between tenths as a fraction and tenths as a decimal. Next term, we will move onto comparing fractions as well as how to add and subtract fractions. 


Our topic this term is the secret garden. We have been looking different biomes and are investigating rainforests around the world. We have looked at maps to help us find and describe where the rainforests are located and have even filmed our own weather reports from different cities around rainforests. We have also explored the different layers of the rainforest and the wild life that lives on each layer. We also have begun to compare a rainforest biome to a temperate deciduous forest biome in the UK. Next term, we will begin to investigate the desert biomes. 


Linked to our topic on the secret garden, we have been looking at plants in science. We have been growing peas in clear pots so that we can watch what happens to the seed as it begins to grow. This has helped us discover the different parts of the plant and hypothesise what their roles are. We have also been growing cress in different areas of the school in our investigation on what do plants need to grow well. We have also been able to explore the different parts of a flower and find out how flowers get pollinated and reproduce. 


In PE we are looking at different athletics skills. We have been discovering different techniques for throwing javelins and shotputs and evaluating the different methods to help us improve on our throwing. We have also looked at a variety of different track event including hurdles and the relay.

We have also started to play rounders. This has involved us learning new throwing techniques and developing our skills at fielding. 


In ICT this term we are exploring animations. We started out by making our own flipbooks so we can watch our drawings come to life as we flip pages over. We have then been using PowerPoint to make our own stop motion animations which has been very exciting!


We have been enjoying listening and singing along to disco music this term in music. We have been exploring the different types of instruments that are often used in disco songs and the positive messages that the songs exude. 


Linked to our topic over lockdown, we have learnt how to make Shadufs. These were used in ancient Egypt to help get water out of the river Nile and is one of the reasons the Egyptians are remembered for being incredible farmers.  We have to learn about levers and pullies, weights and counter weights to make sure that our shadufs worked.