Welcome to the Seahorse's class page!

Welcome to our Seahorse’s class page.  On here, you will find information that we our covering in school at the moment.

Please find the attached homework projects and summer newsletter for the term. 



We have been reading the book ‘Stone age Bone age’ by Mick Manning.

We have been exploring how to use expanded noun phrases and simple sentences to make our writing interesting for our readers. We have looked at writing a story based on characters and settings that we know, and soon will be writing about settings that we have imagined.


We have been looking at using different representations to develop our understanding of place value. The year 2s have been looking at numbers up to 100 while the year 3 have been exploring looking at numbers over 1,000. The year 3s are about to be applying this knowledge as they begin to explore addition and subtraction.


So far this year we have been exploring different early civilisations. This has helped us build an understanding of Ancient Sumer, the Indus valley, the ancient Egyptians and the Shang dynasty.  This has helped us learn about the effect water and temperature has had on civilisations as well as developing an awareness of key inventions and building an understanding of chronology.  

Our topic this term is rock and roll. We have already begun to investigate the role of an archaeologist and look at the movements of some of the first humans. We will continue to investigate how they found food, how they lived and will explore Stonehenge.


Currently in Science, we are investigating rocks. We will be looking at different ways to categorise rocks and will be enquiring about why rocks have different uses. We will then begin to investigate fossils and the role of Mary Anning and palaeontologists.



In PE we are looking at gymnastics to see how we can gracefully combine movements. We have learnt how to safely complete different rolls and combined then with balances and creative movements to create mini routines. Following this, we have been challenging ourselves to do different movements synchronised or in cannon to make our routine more interesting to watch.  We have also started experimenting with height and pace.

We have also been developing our agility and have been looking at dodging. We have done this through a variety of games and by trying to run past our peers who are chasing us.


In ICT this term we are learning how ICT can be used to create art work. We have looked at ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ by Georges Seurat and were inspired to create our own pointillism artworks on the computers using PowerPoint and the notes app on iPads.