Sticklebacks would like to say a big thank you to FoFS who gave us £100 to spend on resources for our classroom and outdoor area.  We bought some exciting things and we love playing with them.  Have a look at the photos in the gallery to see what we bought.



We have looked at ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ and we focused on writing descriptions of the monsters and then we wrote some instructions on how to find where the monsters live using information from the story.  We were really lucky to be able to watch the film as our Hexagon Treat.  This final week we have been reading poems about nature and improving our comprehension skills.


We have covered the following sounds in our phonics lessons:

oa - goat in a boat; ew – chew the stew; ire – fire, fire; ear – hear with your ear; ure – sure it’s pure; tion – attention it’s a celebration; tious/cious – scrumptious and delicious; e-e – go Pete and Steve; ey – donkey playing hockey; ph – take a photo; au – Paul the astronaut; oe – heroes with oboes; wh – whisk, whisk; ie – terrible tie; ue – come to the rescue

Common exception words: one, once, friend, school, put, push, pull, full, house, our, door, floor, poor, because, find



We have focused on addition and subtraction strategies for the second half of this term.  Year 1 have been really concentrating on adding and subtracting within 10 and using their number facts to help them, while Year 2 have been practising how to work out the difference between two numbers or sets.


We have continued our science topic ‘Wild and Wonderful Things’ and have matched photos of baby and adult animals.  Some of them were a bit tricky as the babies didn't look at all like the adult! 



We have been carrying on with our Paint 3D work and we have learnt how to add text to a picture.

Sticklebacks performed the parable of the sower from Matthew 13: 1-23 which forms our school vision of 'Growing and learning together with God'.