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School Closure
In the event of a school closure, here are a range of activities for you to choose from to work through at home with your child. 
How to access resources

In order to access the Twinkl resources please follow this guidance - Go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS. 

For a collection of interactive Go! resources, organised by age and subject, visit:


The helpful people at twinkl have created learning hubs which will be updated daily - check out the link for more information
Year 3
Year 4
Useful websites
TTRockstars is one of the ways the class has been learning their times tables. The main games in TTRockstars are;
  • Garage - this is a game where children get a small set of questions that are targeted to their level. The aim is to achieve 20 correct answers within 60 seconds. 
  • Studio - this is how children get their 'rock status' in TTRockstars. Children get asked a range of multiplication and division questions ranging up to 12X12, and have to answer as many questions as possible within a minute. The average score of their last 10 studio games are used to create a rock speed which determines their rock status.
  • Soundcheck - this is the equivalent of the year 4 multiplication check that the year 4 children will be doing later this year. Children have 25 multiplication questions up to 12X12 which they have 6 seconds to answer each questions.
Edshed is where children can practice their spellings and maths/ The class all have a list of words that is updated weekly for them to practice on spelling shed. There is also the 'LKS2 full list' of words for them to practice which are the statutory words that all children should know by the end of lower key stage 2.
Times tables
To help supplement learning times tables, here are a range of multiplication and division activities that can be completed on top of TTRockstars
If you are unsure on what times table to be focusing on, the 'garage' section on TTRockstars will show which level children are on and what times table to be doing. 
Maths revision
Here are some maths activities that can be used to help children revise the maths work that has been done in school.
Year 3
Year 4
English revision
Here are some English activities that can be used to help children revise the work that we have done in school. It includes some spelling work that uses the list of words that children in lower key stage 2 are meant to know to spell by the end of year 4.