Minnows and Tiddlers

Welcome to our Tiddlers and Minnows class page.


On here, you will find some information about the topics we are covering at school. This page will be updated every few weeks.

This term our Topic is Robots. Our key text is Harry and the Robots, a story about a little boy who builds some junk model robots to help his Nan feel better when she is poorly. From this we have explored other jobs and uses robots have in real life. We have discovered that robots are used in factories and warehouses to help move, carry and organise a variety of products. Some robots are intended to be used as entertainment when made into toys and some robots have been sent to space to help scientists explore other planets. We know that robots have to follow codes and instructions to help them complete these jobs.
The Minnows have been deepening their understanding of numbers to 5. They have been doing this by exploring the composition of these numbers, learning the number bonds to 5 and learning how to find one more and one less of the numbers to 5. They have also been practising their subitising skills, this is when they can identify the correct number of objects without counting them. The Tiddlers have been developing their number awareness by identifying numbers to 5, they have been working on trying to match an amount of objects with the correct numeral. They have also been continuing to develop their 1:1 correspondence when counting.
This term we are lucky enough to continue our Forest School work with Mr Pemble. During the Forest School sessions we are given time to explore the nature around us and complete a range of activities from nature pictures and tree rubbings. This term we are also developing our ball skills, every week we are exploring different ways to move and control a ball. We have rolled, kicked and pushed a ball, we have to practice keeping control of the ball when moving by ourselves and when working with a partner.

Daily Timetable:

8:40-9:00: Settling in activities and Register 

9:00-9:20: Maths 

9:20-11:10: Busy Learning. Adult-led activities. Snack Time. 

11:15-11:45: Phonics

11:45-1:15: Lunch 

1:15-1:30: Topic Lesson

1:30-2:30: Busy Learning. Adult-led activities. Quiet Time

2:30-3:00: Tidy Up and Story 

3:00-3:10: Home time 

Classroom Provision:

Throughout the day the children learn through a mixture of adult initiated activities and child led exploration.

The areas available to the children each day are:

  • Reading corner
  • Construction and Small world
  • Maths Table
  • Writing/ Mark making table
  • Art/ creative area
  • Role play area
  • Fine motor skills
  • Mud Kitchen
  • Sand Pit
  • Climbing frame
  • Understanding the world/ Investigation table