6th September 2021

‘Always keep on praying for all God’s people’

Ephesians 6.18


The hand prayer

Look at your thumb, it is closest to you.  It can remind you to pray for your friends.

Look at your index finger, we use it to point the way. It can remind us to pray for the people who guide and teach us, people like our parents and carers, the teachers and head teacher in our school.

Look at your middle finger, it is the tallest and can remind you to pray for world leaders and politicians who make important decisions in the world.

Look at your fourth finger, it is the weakest of all the fingers and can remind you to pray for those in need. They may be people you know who are poorly or sad or perhaps people you’ve heard about from the news who are living in war zones or are facing famine or coping with another type of disaster.

Finally look at your little finger, it can remind you to remember to pray for yourself. God loves you and wants the very best for you.