Welcome to our new website!
Welcome to our new website!
Fritwell CofE Primary School

Adverse weather

Please be aware that if there is sufficient snow fall over night to require school to close, on the grounds of health and safety, information to that effect will be posted on the website as early as possible and also on BBC local radio and the Oxfordshire County Council public website:


Depending on the severity of the weather the advice may also include guidance that school may be open, but at different times: for example opening later allows for roads to be cleared and for people to travel more safely.

Where snow falls heavily during the day please be aware of how you will be picking up your children. If you consider that the conditions are deteriorating you are welcome to come and collect them early to ensure that you can get here and back home safely. If the conditions are worsening here, we will post a note on the website during the day and send a text message, please keep an eye out for it. If you are going to be late collecting or having issues getting here because of the weather, give us a ring and we will look after your child until you can get here safely.

The decision to close school is taken by the Head and the Chair of Governors. We have to consider first of all the safety of adults and children travelling to school, the numbers of adults available to supervise children in school and the safety of the site itself. Where the local authority and emergency services advice is that only very essential travel should take place due to road conditions we recommend that staff and children do not travel. There can also be a knock on effect for staff where their own children's schools, often in other parts of the county, are closed and therefore they may have difficulty making alternative arrangements to enable them to get to work.

The decision to close or change the times of day is a difficult one and never taken lightly. We appreciate the challenges it causes families and the knock on effect it has for other work places. We will always endeavour to keep you as up to date as possible about decisions and hope that we ensure that difficult circumstances cause as little disruption as possible to school and the community.

Thank you for your continuing support.