Welcome to our new website!
Welcome to our new website!
Fritwell CofE Primary School

Our Classes

Growing and learning together with God
As a village primary school that serves the needs of the community, we have a different number of children in each year group.  This means we have some mixed-age classes. Please see below for how our classes are organised this year.  
All of our classes are named after fish!
Tiddlers - Nursery
Minnows - Reception 
Sticklebacks - Year 1/2
Seahorses - Year 2/3
Stingrays - Year 4/5
Sharks - Year 6 
Our Tiddlers and Minnows are housed in our Early Years unit where there are opportunities for all of the children to work and play together.  The children also work separately in focused groups when appropriate. See our Early Years section for more information.