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Welcome to our new website!
Fritwell CofE Primary School


All children are taught English daily which includes opportunities for reading, writing composition, phonics and spelling. Grammar and punctuation is also taught across all of these strands. The children are taught phonics (using Read, Write, Inc.) and spelling using the recommended synthetic phonics approach supplemented by Spelling Shed. They are taught to read using matched phonics books and other complementary books which support a wide range of reading strategies. Books used include books from different published reading schemes, including Read, Write Inc and Oxford Reading Tree, alongside other materials.  Books are banded into colours and children progress through the bands matched to their phonic development. We lead a text-led approach to the teaching of English and creative opportunities to write and develop language are also included throughout all areas of the curriculum. Children also enjoy opportunities to be involved in drama activities within class and in school productions. 
In our school the teaching of English allows pupils to incrementally build their skills in reading and writing within a carefully designed curriculum.

We aim to create successful, fluent, readers who will monitor their understanding of what they are reading and review the text when something does not make sense. In reading lessons, pupils are explicitly taught strategies including inference, questioning, clarifying, summarising, prediction and activating prior knowledge. The pupils use these strategies to check how well they comprehend what they have read, and overcome barriers to comprehension. Pupils develop skills in skimming and scanning, forming opinions, thinking aloud, asking questions, getting the gist, connecting to prior knowledge, inference and prediction. These skills are applied by the pupils with increased independence when interacting with texts across all curriculum areas. Pupils are exposed to a rich and varied reading curriculum which helps them develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

Phonics is taught throughout the school using the Read Write Inc. scheme, which ensures systematic coverage and progression. Children start phonics when they join our nursery. Phonics is taught in small groups focusing on children's recognition of the letter sounds and how to read and write these.
In Reception and Key Stage 1 children are taught in smaller groups, led either by the class teacher or by trained learning support staff. The children are assessed regularly to ensure that they are in the appropriate group for supporting and extending their individual needs. Year 1 children take part in statutory Phonics Screening during the summer term, and parents are informed of their child's achievement at the end of the school year. 

Writing skills are developed through a text-based approach. Pupils develop an understanding of purpose and form and the ability to evaluate the notion of appropriateness. From ‘hooking’ the pupils in at the start of a unit and exploring the text in order to build an understanding of the writer’s craft, pupils develop a deep understanding of the components of writing – planning, drafting, sharing, evaluating, revising, editing and then publishing. The writing curriculum plans for diverse stimuli for writing which encourages high levels of engagement. Allowing pupils, the time to explore the text, introduce new writing skills before applying the skills with greater levels of independence ensures a deeper understanding of writerly choices. Text are carefully chosen to deepen pupils knowledge of the wider curriculum, while ensuring pupils are immersed in our rich and varied literary heritage.