Welcome back Sticklebacks to the Summer term.

Our topic this term is 'Growing and Learning'. 


Our first English unit is focusing on The Secret Sky Garden which is all about a girl who improves her local area by designing and making a garden.  However, she still feels lonely until a new friend arrives.  We will be using this text as a basis for writing a set of instructions on how to look after plants.

Our phonics continues to follow the Read, Write, Inc. programme and we focus on spotting ‘special friends’ (vowel and consonant digraphs) and segmenting words using our ‘Fred talk’.

We will have regular handwriting where we are learning to form capital letters correctly, and spelling sessions focusing on the Year 1 Common Exception Words.


This week, we have completed our work on length and height and have moved onto weight and mass.  We will continue to practice our number skills and also to apply this knowledge when we solve problems.


This week we went out onto the MUGA for some team games.  We learnt the words 'attack' and 'defend' and practiced these skills in a mini game.


This term, we are continuing our map work focus on aerial views.  Earlier in the week, we looked at some aerial photographs and labelled physical and human features that we could see.


Our focused artist this term is Mondrian.  We will be looking at examples of his work, finding out what inspired him and creating some of our own work in his style.


We have started making our own books using Book Creator on the i-pads.  Our books are about signs of Spring which we noticed when we went out for a walk around the school.